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Academic Resource Center: Home

The ARC provides one-on-one tutoring sessions. Tutors are trained in tutoring techniques to offer academic advice, explain difficult concepts, help with projects and papers, and act as expert study partners for quizzes, tests, and final exams.

ARC Mission

 The Academic Resource Center (ARC) serves the academic community of Emmanuel College and supports the overall mission of the college by offering test proctoring services to the faculty and free tutoring to all currently enrolled students for many of the subjects offered at Emmanuel. Trained peer tutors coach students to better comprehend their course material, write more effective essays, and study more efficiently.


The ARC will be closed for the Christmas Break. We will reopen January 22, 2019.

How the ARC Can Help

·     TESTS: Our trained tutors can help you study for tests and quizzes. The tutors know their subjects well and have also been trained in study techniques. Bring your books, notes, study guides, and any other study aids like flash cards with you and take advantage of a study partner who has taken the class and done well.

·     COMPREHENSION: You can meet for one-on-one help with a difficult class on a regular basis, or just once or twice. Or, if you find college textbooks hard to read and comprehend, a tutor can give you some reading comprehension pointers. If you are performing poorly on reading quizzes, bring the book to the tutor and have him or her ask questions from the chapter to prepare you for the quiz.

·     PAPERS: A writing tutor can help look over a paper draft to check for grammar issues and the development of the thesis. The tutor can also help you brainstorm and work through the various drafts. The more drafts and revision you go through, the better the end result will be.

·     INFORMATION: We also have resources like informational handouts and documentation style manuals (MLA, APA, AP, and Turabian). These resources are available any time the ARC is open. Some of the handouts are also posted here under Style Guides.

·     STUDY SKILLS AND TIME MANAGEMENT:  Tutors are trained to help with general study skills and time management. If what you’ve been doing for a course hasn’t worked well, a tutor can suggest different ways to study. Remember, the tutor has been through the class already and might have insight into how the professor tests. Tutors can also advise you about how to juggle a 36-hour, full-time college commitment.

·     TEST PROCTORING: You and your professor can also make arrangements for you to take make-up tests in the ARC. The ARC is available for this service during all our operating hours,.