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Cultural Greetings around the World: Home

The International Student Organization presents information on how to greet people from various cultures


Zuzanna Malinowska

From Europe


From Asia

International students

From Around the World

How Our International Students Say "Hello"

Albania: Përshëndetje 

Austria: Hallo or Guten Tag

Belgium: Salut or Hallo

Czech Republic: Ahoj (ah-hoy)

Finland: Hei

France: Bonjour

Germany: Hallo

Hungary: Szia (see-a)

Iceland: Hae hae

Italy: Ciao

Netherlands: Hallo

Poland: Czesc (chech-sh-ch)

Spain: Hola

Sweden: Hej

Ukraine: Preevit

There are often times more than one way to say "hello" in another country! 

Argentina: Hola

Bahamas: Hello

Bolivia: Hola

Brazil: Ola or Oi

Chile: Hola

Costa Rico: Hola

Ecuador: Hola

Guatemala: Mucho gusto

Haiti: Bonjou (daytime) or Bonswa (evening)

Mexico: Hola

Venezuela: Hola


Egypt: Salām 'alaykum

Nigeria: Kóyo (or Hello-many speak English here)

South Africa: Hallo or Howzit

Zimbabwe: Hesi


India: Namaste

Israel: Shalom

The Philippines: Kumusta ka

Russia: Privyet