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English Language and Literature

Resources for undergraduate English Language and Literature courses

Books at the Shaw-Leslie Library are organized using the Dewey Decimal system. You need to be a current student with a valid picture ID to check-out books. 

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Interlibrary Loan supports the teaching and research of faculty, students and staff associated with Emmanuel University by obtaining materials not available at the Shaw-Leslie Library. One place to locate items outside of the EU library is to visit WorldCat, a collection of catalogs from university, college, and public libraries in the U.S. and abroad.

Before submitting an Interlibrary Loan request for a book, please check our catalog to see if we have the title in print or as an eBook. If the book you desire is not available, then please include as much information as you can on our ILL form. InterLibrary loans for books typically require a one-week arrival time.

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Drama Medieval drama, classical drama, verse drama, etc.
Fiction short fiction, mystery fiction, science fiction


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Morpheme grammar, vocabulary
Goliards satire, Latin poetry, Medieval music