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Christian Ministries

This guide offers links and resources related to courses in the Christian Ministries program.

Use the Destiny online catalog to find books in the Shaw-Leslie Library.

It is also possible to search the full-text of eBooks by accessing the ebook databases in GALILEO. 

Too many results? Narrow your search by adding a keyword.

Original Search    Narrower Search
John gospel of John, epistles of John, John the Apostle, etc.
counseling pastoral counseling, marriage counseling, etc.


Not enough results? Broaden your search by taking away keywords or looking for synonyms.

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Biblical ethics ethics in the Bible, Christian ethics
Nicene creed creeds, church history, councils and synods

Borrowing Materials via ILL

Interlibrary Loan supports the teaching and research of faculty, students and staff associated with Emmanuel University by obtaining materials not available at the Shaw-Leslie Library. One place to locate items outside of the EU library is to visit WorldCat, a collection of catalogs from university, college, and public libraries in the U.S. and abroad.

Before submitting an Interlibrary Loan request for a book, please check our catalog to see if we have the title in print or as an eBook. If the book you desire is not available, then please include as much information as you can on our ILL form. InterLibrary loans for books typically require a one-week arrival time.

Shaw-Leslie Library uses the Dewey Decimal classification.  Bible resources are found in the 200s.  Check both reference and general stacks to locate needed materials.

  • 220 Origin of the bible
  • 220.3 Encyclopedias/Dictionaries of the Bible
  • 220.4 Original texts/early translations
  • 220.5 Modern versions and translations
  • 220.6 Interpretation/criticism (exegesis)
  • 220.7 General commentaries
  • 220.8 Nonreligious subjects treated in the bible (e.g., plants, music)
  • 220.9 Geography, history, and persons of the bible
  • 221 Old Testament – general
  • 222 OT – Historical books
  • 223 OT – Poetic books
  • 224 OT – Prophetic books
  • 225 New Testament – general
  • 226 NT – Gospels and Acts
  • 227 NT – Epistles
  • 228 NT – Revelation (Apocalypse)
  • 229 Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha 
  • 230 Theology
  • 487.4 Greek
  • 492.4 Hebrew