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Shaw Leslie Library

Welcome to the Shaw-Leslie Library at Emmanuel College. This guide provides information about the library and links to subject guides and resources for further research.


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News from the Shaw-Leslie Library

Come to the library and enjoy quiet space to read or study upstairs, or bring a friend and study together downstairs. Group study areas are available on the first floor, while quiet study is preferred on the second floor

PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS--We have new books supporting the DSM-5. You can find the items below in the library!


New to the library

  library setting

New to the library? Check out our "Doing Research in the Shaw-Leslie Library" guide.

eBook Collection

If you need a book and are not able to visit the library, you can check out the titles in EBSCO Host's eBook collection. By following the steps to download a book to your personal computer you can read the book even when offline. Access requires the GALILEO password if off campus.