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Doing Research in the Shaw-Leslie Library

This guide includes general information about using the Shaw-Leslie Library and locating resources for research.

Types of Periodicals

Scholarly/Research Journals

  • In-depth analysis of topics.
  • Lengthy articles.
  • Very few pictures, only graphs or statistical information.
  • Contain reports of original research, theoretical, experimental or applied.
  • Many are peer reviewed.
  • Written by researchers, academics and scholars.
  • Often times used in college/university research.

Professional, Trade & Industry Journals

  • Current trends, news and events in a particular field.
  • Product, company & biographical information.
  • Statistics, including forecasts.
  • Written by practitioners or journalists with subject expertise.


  • Current information.
  • News stories, local and regional focus.
  • Analysis & opinion on current events.
  • Written by journalists.
  • Written for a general audience.

Popular Magazines

  • Current events and news.
  • Primary source for popular culture.
  • Short articles, interviews.
  • Written by journalists.
  • Glossy pictures and pages.

What is a Database?

Database - Databases are online resources that the library subscribes to that contain articles and other information from print sources such as magazines, newspapers, journals and reference books.

Shaw-Leslie Library subscribes to both article databases (GALILEO) and reference databases (Credo Reference). Article databases provide access to abstracts or full-text articles, while reference databases provide facts, statistics and background information. Both of these databases require user login information.

Using large sets of databases like GALILEO requires some skill and practice. While class instruction does happen, you can also get individualized help with GALILEO by making a 30-minute appointment. Appointment times are available in person or online, in the day or evening.


The publication's articles go through an editorial process and are approved by experts on the subject being written about.

What is Peer Review?

Townsend, Robert.  Assessing the future of peer review.  AHA Today. June 07, 2010.

Scholarly Journals
Definition: A scholarly journal is a periodical written for audiences of scholars and researchers in a particular field.  This type of journal usually contains peer reviewed articles.   
       Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Popular Magazines (not recommended for scholarly research)
Definition:  A popular magazine is a periodical usually written by staff writers for a general audience.
  Charisma cover   Time cover