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Doing Research in the Shaw-Leslie Library

This guide includes general information about using the Shaw-Leslie Library and locating resources for research.
Please be sure to check the box for Scholary (Peer-Reviewed) when conducting a database search.  If you have found articles from other sources, please consider these issues as you evaluate your articles, blogs and websites.
  • C:  Currency:  The timeliness of the information.  When was the information published or posted? 
  • R:  Relevance:  Is the information directly related to your topic? 
  • A:  Authority:  The source of the information.  What are the author's credentials?
  • A: Accuracy:   The reliability and correctness of the content. Where does the information come from?
  • P: Purpose:  The reason the information exists.  What biases are involved?  Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda?

Use this link to print a copy of the C.R.A.A.P. Test created by the librarians at Cal State Chico. Remember, just because a site or source has accurate information (like Wikipedia) it may not be a reliable source for a research paper.


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