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Doing Research in the Shaw-Leslie Library

This guide includes general information about using the Shaw-Leslie Library and locating resources for research.

This guide is designed to show you where to find good, reliable information for your research projects. Sources of information can be found both in the library and online. Be sure you are using the kinds of information that are right for your project. 

It's a new year, a new semester, and there are new changes in the library! 

Please be advised that during the hour of 4-5pm on Friday (1/27/2023) that the IT department will be performing maintenance on several key servers which could affect your computing experience during that time. 

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a place students can get free writing assistance at any point in the research process. 

For a refresher on the steps to writing a research paper, ways to search and how to avoid plagiarism take a look at the Research and Writing Tips published at the Literary Reference Center.